Adrenaline Martial Arts and Fitness is one of the best training facilities in Southern California.


At Adrenaline we have a more personal approach to training. Our experienced instructors take the time to teach students to do it right. We are a great mix between a Martial Arts Studio and a Fitness Center with the exception of being far larger than a Martial Arts Studio and offering far more quality instruction in Martial Arts than a standard gym. We truly have something for everyone. No other place can say that.

We offer free WIFI within our facility to our customers, members and members families.



We do charge a registration fee. The fee ranges depending on how many people we have sign up, if there is a current special, and/or the type of program people sign up for. In some cases the registration fee can be waived, but this is not guaranteed. We believe our registration fees are very reasonable, especially with respect to other Martial Arts facilities.

We do offer Membership freezes for certain circumstances. The freeze option can be discussed during enrollment. All freezes are subject to approval by the owner.


You most certainly do not have to be in good physical shape to being martial arts. We do recommend that if you are in any kind of doubt, you consult a physician before beginning any fitness program. We have members of all ages and conditions at our gym and our experienced instructors know the right questions to ask and the right degree of difficulty to push everyone at.

There is no such thing as being too old to begin Martial Arts classes. We have members of all ages that participate in classes. Always consult your physician if there is any doubt about physical activity.

Martial Arts does not hinder flexibility, it promotes it. You are able to go at your own level and pace here, so being flexible is not a requirement to begin martial arts.

  • At Adrenaline, we encourage you to go at your own pace. Only you know what you are truly capable of physically. Your body tells you when there is an issue, and our instructors have seen signs of physical distress through years of training. We are here to help you reach your fitness and martial arts goals safely.


Children should dress comfortably in something that you don't mind sweating in. Kids get a good workout here and they move around a lot. Athletic apparel like shorts and sweats are the best options. A t-shirt or rash guard works well also.

We do offer family discounts. We promote families signing up members so that they can enjoy the experience together.

It is not recommended that parents leave the premises while their kids are in class. We have highly trained staff and coaches, but just like in any sport, there can be an emergency which requires a parent to be present.

Martial Arts teaches children self defense, self confidence, and leadership. In our years of experience, we truly believe that martial artists are the most respectful and peaceful children around. No violence is encouraged here and none of our instructors promote any type of violent activity. We have never had an issue in the past with any of our students using their knowledge to harm others.

Children learn humility and respect in martial arts. At Adrenaline your children are going to encounter well trained and highly skilled martial artists. Training allows kids an outlet for activity that they do not get in other places. Children are humbled, in a very good way, by training with others.

Unfortunately, in any sport, there is a risk for injury. I can proudly say, that we have not experienced any severe injuries here, nor do we have regular occurrences of injury at our gym.

Although we can not completely avoid injuries, we do our best at keeping them to a minimum. Constant observation and preventative measures are understood and utilized by the coaching staff.

It is rare, but when another child looks as if they may be overly aggressive, they are immediately told to cease the action and pulled aside by the coach. At that time the coach will speak to the child and the parents involved. If it is a behavior that is repeated, that child will be given the option to go to another program that does not allow physical contact with other students. In repeated cases, or extreme cases, the aggressive child's membership would be revoked.

In classes, there are often emotions getting the better off some kids. We see this behavior, when it happens, in beginners. Typically, experienced kids do not train with emotions. We are proud to say that we have never had a malicious injury. When students get upset with each other, we separate them and let them cool off.

The beauty of martial arts is that you do not have to be a gifted athlete to excel. Your goals determine your experience. We are here to help everyone enjoy martial arts and reach their personal goals.

Most of them are, get them to the gym and they will be stimulated with a different kind of workout that is not the typical gym experience. Once they receive praise for a job well done and get they routine going, they will most likely want to follow the program. Working out can become a great habit.

We understand that some children are more sensitive than others. Martial arts can create some bumps and bruises, but so can 'tag', climbing trees, and riding a skateboard/bike. Martial arts can also help them identify when something doesn't hurt as bad as they originally thought.

Depending on the art, give or take a year, 6 is a great age to begin martial arts. Karate can be started at 4 if the child can focus.

Martial Arts teaches discipline. If it is your goal as a parent to teach more discipline, Martial Arts is probably the single best, and most fun way to instill discipline in children.

Martial Arts instructors are usually experts, through years of training, at getting students to focus. This is your child's best chance at learning the discipline they may need.

In our classes, we do not separate boys and girls. All children are taught the same curriculum and train along side each other.

We have never had any issues with co-ed classes. Although people favor certain classes, no classes at our gym can be gender biased. When participating in class, all members have the right to be comfortable, including contact boundaries with the opposite sex. Our instructors are here to help and keep every member motivated while still paying attention to their comfort level.

Certainly not. At Adrenaline, our goal is to provide excellent instruction. There is no 'have to' here. All parents and students should go what is comfortable for them.