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Tuesday, 24 October 2023 / Published in Student Of The Month
Youth Wrestling Star: Zackary Zavala Zackary Zavala was honored as the student of the month for September. Zackary is a dedicated individual who attends regularly and is keen to enhance his skills daily. Zack is someone who likes to be inclusive and encourage his teammates. Why You Should Try Wrestling? Wrestling is super fun and
Kids Jiu Jitsu
Wednesday, 18 October 2023 / Published in Gi Jiu Jitsu, Kids Gi Jiu Jitsu, Student Of The Month
Student of the Month – Kids Gi Jiu Jitsu Coach Medina gave student of the month to Miss Navalia Belcher! Navi has been with us for almost a year and has shown major growth. She comes in ready to train and is very attentive to instruction every class. Navi is a great example to her
kids boxing - Adelliah
Wednesday, 18 October 2023 / Published in Boxing, Kid's Boxing, Student Of The Month
Student of the Month – Kids Boxing Adelliah Peregrina has received student of the month of September for kids ages 7-9 boxing. Adelliah is really passionate about boxing and she has only been with us for 5 months1! Adeliah always comes in ready to put in work with a smile on her face, and always
teen boxing
Wednesday, 18 October 2023 / Published in Boxing, Student Of The Month, Teen's Boxing
Teen’s Boxing – Student of the Month David Blass Jr has been training with us for 7 months now! David shows up every day and is truly dedicated to his growth in boxing. David trains like a beast and gives it his all! He recently began to spar with other students and is showing crazy progress